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Machine Vice.

drills, but then the spindle must be rotated gradually, by change
wheels connected with the feed.

The Machine Vice is a very useful appliance for Shaping,
Milling, and Drilling machines. It is shewn at Fig. 190, and
is bolted to the table of the machine, its object being the holding
of work too small to be fastened down directly, or to facilitate the
setting and re-setting of such work. A great desideratum is that
the latter should bed firmly on the surface of the vice, accom-
plished in the example by the bevelled jaw plates A A, which pull
the work down at the same time as it is gripped, by sliding on the
bevelled surface. The nut B can be rapidly changed to any
notch, and fine adjustment be given by applying a tommy to the
screw c. The jaw D has a cylindrical shank and plate F ; it can
therefore be set at any horizontal angle, and the screw c will still
bear upon it normally. B is also provided with lips at o, to
resist upward pull.